Misc. newer tracks [2010​+​] (Various Genres)

by eddielagato

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released October 15, 2010




eddielagato Indiana

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This page contains various songs created by Sam Hapner over the years. There's quite a variety, so give various things a listen, one or two in each section. Years and average genres are show for each collection of songs. Some are great, some are horrible. But don't dismiss it all after one or two listens :P ... more

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Track Name: AwesomeSong
Sometimes I get
Really effing depressed
I cry out for help
As if I'm being repressed

And though my soul's flame has died
down to a smoldering ember
My friends all gather 'round
And they force me to remember..

that I'm Awesome!

[Verse 1]
{Take a look at that beard! That's the beard of a man! A manly man, who knows what he's doing!}

My friends help to remind me
That I've got a good heart buried deep down inside
And I've got talent and skill, things that help to remind
That I gotta get it drilled down into my mind

[Chorus 1]
That I'm Awesome!
So Awesome!

I've got a fancy hat and excellent taste
I'm a dang good member of the human race
I've got grown men talking backing me up
And I've drank from Odin's magical cup
of Awesome!

[Verse 2]
{A hat, a cat, three bats, a man, a plan, a canal, Panama!}

I always speak my mind and just how I feel
And I will never submit, no I will never kneel
Instead I'll stand by my friends, every day of my life
And we'll keep building me up, and by the time that I die,

[Chorus 2]
I'll be Awesome!
So awesome!

I've had long long locks of flowing brown hair,
I can gag a trout, I can wrestle a bear
I can lobster rage a Tasmanian tiger
Eat my daily dose of dietary fiber!

And when I'm down inside of me,
And I'm my own worst enemy,
That's when the beard commands
that I get off the floor, and remember
Who I really am...

[Chorus 3]
...and I'm Awesome!
Freakin' Awesome!

I can strum and drum like a magical beast
I can cleanse this world of the nagging deceased
I can stop a bullet for the worst of my friends
I can stop 2012 from bringin' the end

And I share my name with Samuel Clemens
I can eat Cave Johnson's combustible lemons
Beat the final crab boss with nothing but peas
I can find a cure for every disease

And I'll never give up, and I'll never surrender
I will always stand tall, I will always remember
To fill the whole world with all of my love
Show the world, from the core to the stars above,
I'm Awesome!

So very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, awesome!

I'm awesome!
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